Saturday, February 13, 2010

Haiti - Why?

I guess it's about 2 weeks since Haiti was rocked by that terrible earthquake.

For days I watched the news and cried for these people, and the main question in my mind was "Why?".

There was one news report of a young teenage boy with a broken leg.  His father was dead.  He lay on his pallet outside in the open air, gripping the reporter lady's hand, and crying "Why, why?".

Then I watched the world rally to the cause, with Obama in the lead, and I knew why.  This country has been struggling along for a long time, with not much help.  They were getting nowhere.  Now they have a new start, with new energy, money, ideas and people all coming in to the country to help them get on their feet in a whole new way.  This has been a very sad time, but the future will be very different to what it would have been without the earthquake.

And that explains why there are so many survivors who have been dug out from under the rubble after unprecedented numbers of days without food and water.  Deep down in their spirits they know that there is something to live for.