Friday, September 26, 2008

I choose to be in the flow of grace

The flow of grace - this is the best wording I can find for that feeling, when I know that the Universe and I both want good things for me, and all I need to do is state what I want, and allow it to come.

For months I have worked very hard, and been out of that state of grace. I think that losing my son made me doubt my own ability as a creator, or maybe, made me doubt that God, Universe, Spirit, whatever actually wanted anything good for me. Maybe it is one and the same thing. The result was hard times.

I am coming out of that now, and goodness is flowing my way.

I can feel the difference in my body when I am in the flow of grace. I am relaxed, and though I may be working, I'm not working hard, not stressing, not trying hard to make things happen. I just know what I want, and it comes.

When I get out of the flow, I begin to wrestle with things, trying to make them work. The results drop off... the difference is subtle, but the outcome is very different.

I want to stay in this state of grace forever.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The connection between abundance and the feminine energy

Seek and ye shall find! My exploration of abundance continues. Just a few minutes ago I came across a fantastic channeling on Financial Balance which clearly shows and explains the connection between our abundance, our connection with our soul, and the feminine energy. If you have found yourself running on empty and with no more left to give, this channel will help you to understand why, and I can guarantee that you will find some new perspectives here!

Here is the blurb from the website:

This Sophia-Teaching invites you to understand where financial abundance originally came from. During your spiritual awakening this aspect of your life wants to evolve also into a New Financial Balance. Sophia invites you to remember a long forgotten energetic bond between your soul and you. This bond had been held sacred and was honored in the rituals and ceremonies of old religions.

It’s the Feminine Energy of your soul that wants to bring a caring and nurturing quality back into your life. The lack of abundance we experience in our lives clearly shows us how long we have been disconnected from this source within us and how deeply our energetic reserves are depleted.

Sophia talks about some energy patterns and memories that block the flow of abundance in our lives. She answers questions about this important topic and invites us to open up to a new kind of receiving once more.

You can download the book at the Sofia website ( and also at Lulu Press. It costs $12.42, but I can tell you right now it is worth every cent, and you definitely won't have heard it all before.

The Science of Getting Rich

It must be my time to get abundance really flowing. They say we teach that which we need to learn, and my focus lately has been on financial self-empowerment.

I'm faced with a challenge at the moment, and I want to use my knowledge and skills and energy to get through this my way. Basically, my immediate challenge is to bring in income equivalent to 15 hours of work per week. I've been playing around on the internet making small amounts of money, but it's time to amp it up and get financially independent for real.

Just by synchronous coincidence, I've recently come across the book "The Science of Getting Rich". It's a great book, for it covers the question of abundance from all aspects, and it's been helping me to get closer to my abundance. I found a free download which I could put on my financial site for people. Then I discovered that some of the teachers (Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Dr. Michael Beckwith) from "The Secret" have got a course out which is also called "The Science of Getting Rich". You can sign up for a series of 7 free lessons, and I did. I'm up to lesson 3, and it's exactly right for what I'm dealing with at the moment. Isn't that amazing, to find the same basic thing from two sources? They have very different websites, one is very commercial, one is not, and yet they are both sharing and expressing their vision, and giving away something of value.

So, I'm off to make money and get financially independent my way, because that is what I choose to do, and I am ready! I won't say "wish me luck" because I know it comes from within me.

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Money and the Law of Attraction

So, if I'm a creator, where's my stuff? That's what this newest Abraham-Hicks video is all about.

I've been working on another blog called "You have the power", which is about financial self-empowerment. In my blog I get people to start making money in a very simple and reliable way, with the intention of increasing their confidence in their ability to create abundance. I know it worked for me, but watching this video made me realize why it worked! Of course - doing this takes the focus from "not making money" to "making money".

So, enjoy the video, it's great!

As usual, Abraham and Esther are spot on! I'm reading the book now, and all I can say is, "Get it!", because it will change everything for you. You can get it at Amazon or at their site,