Monday, December 29, 2008

Crystal Skulls and powerful energy

Crystal skulls are the flavour of the month, with the new Indiana Jones movie featuring them. My sister is a crystal enthusiast. She has some amazing pieces, and her latest addition is a crystal skull. I haven't seen it yet, but she's been sending me links to photos and information about crystal skulls in general, and they are quite amazing to look at and feel the energy of. Her latest email contained a link to Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers, where I downloaded a free ebook packed with interesting information, photos of many beautiful skulls, and such wonderful energy! Looking through the book was almost like having a meditation. Each skull has it's own feeling and prompts it's own reaction in the viewer. I'm glad I took the time to look at this, it was worth it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Farewell to Power

Well, we're all looking forward to 2012, but Adamus Saint-Germain says in this channel that the change begins now. By 2012, we will be in the new world. So folks, fasten your seatbelts, because it's going to be a bumpy ride, but oh so exciting! This is what we have come here to experience in this lifetime, and to be a part of. I wouldn't miss it for anything!

Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe of the Crimson Circle, on 4 October 2008.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A beautiful letter to Awakening Humans

If you have been feeling lost, feeling that your life is changing, the world is changing, and you don't understand it, the words here are meant for you. The energy is powerful, beautiful and loving, you will feel it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You can find a free text download here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I choose to be in the flow of grace

The flow of grace - this is the best wording I can find for that feeling, when I know that the Universe and I both want good things for me, and all I need to do is state what I want, and allow it to come.

For months I have worked very hard, and been out of that state of grace. I think that losing my son made me doubt my own ability as a creator, or maybe, made me doubt that God, Universe, Spirit, whatever actually wanted anything good for me. Maybe it is one and the same thing. The result was hard times.

I am coming out of that now, and goodness is flowing my way.

I can feel the difference in my body when I am in the flow of grace. I am relaxed, and though I may be working, I'm not working hard, not stressing, not trying hard to make things happen. I just know what I want, and it comes.

When I get out of the flow, I begin to wrestle with things, trying to make them work. The results drop off... the difference is subtle, but the outcome is very different.

I want to stay in this state of grace forever.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The connection between abundance and the feminine energy

Seek and ye shall find! My exploration of abundance continues. Just a few minutes ago I came across a fantastic channeling on Financial Balance which clearly shows and explains the connection between our abundance, our connection with our soul, and the feminine energy. If you have found yourself running on empty and with no more left to give, this channel will help you to understand why, and I can guarantee that you will find some new perspectives here!

Here is the blurb from the website:

This Sophia-Teaching invites you to understand where financial abundance originally came from. During your spiritual awakening this aspect of your life wants to evolve also into a New Financial Balance. Sophia invites you to remember a long forgotten energetic bond between your soul and you. This bond had been held sacred and was honored in the rituals and ceremonies of old religions.

It’s the Feminine Energy of your soul that wants to bring a caring and nurturing quality back into your life. The lack of abundance we experience in our lives clearly shows us how long we have been disconnected from this source within us and how deeply our energetic reserves are depleted.

Sophia talks about some energy patterns and memories that block the flow of abundance in our lives. She answers questions about this important topic and invites us to open up to a new kind of receiving once more.

You can download the book at the Sofia website ( and also at Lulu Press. It costs $12.42, but I can tell you right now it is worth every cent, and you definitely won't have heard it all before.

The Science of Getting Rich

It must be my time to get abundance really flowing. They say we teach that which we need to learn, and my focus lately has been on financial self-empowerment.

I'm faced with a challenge at the moment, and I want to use my knowledge and skills and energy to get through this my way. Basically, my immediate challenge is to bring in income equivalent to 15 hours of work per week. I've been playing around on the internet making small amounts of money, but it's time to amp it up and get financially independent for real.

Just by synchronous coincidence, I've recently come across the book "The Science of Getting Rich". It's a great book, for it covers the question of abundance from all aspects, and it's been helping me to get closer to my abundance. I found a free download which I could put on my financial site for people. Then I discovered that some of the teachers (Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Dr. Michael Beckwith) from "The Secret" have got a course out which is also called "The Science of Getting Rich". You can sign up for a series of 7 free lessons, and I did. I'm up to lesson 3, and it's exactly right for what I'm dealing with at the moment. Isn't that amazing, to find the same basic thing from two sources? They have very different websites, one is very commercial, one is not, and yet they are both sharing and expressing their vision, and giving away something of value.

So, I'm off to make money and get financially independent my way, because that is what I choose to do, and I am ready! I won't say "wish me luck" because I know it comes from within me.

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Money and the Law of Attraction

So, if I'm a creator, where's my stuff? That's what this newest Abraham-Hicks video is all about.

I've been working on another blog called "You have the power", which is about financial self-empowerment. In my blog I get people to start making money in a very simple and reliable way, with the intention of increasing their confidence in their ability to create abundance. I know it worked for me, but watching this video made me realize why it worked! Of course - doing this takes the focus from "not making money" to "making money".

So, enjoy the video, it's great!

As usual, Abraham and Esther are spot on! I'm reading the book now, and all I can say is, "Get it!", because it will change everything for you. You can get it at Amazon or at their site,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oprah Winfrey is in danger and everything in me is screaming "NO!"

Today I watched a YouTube video in which Oprah is asked how her spiritual beliefs are reconciled with Christianity. I enjoyed that video, and was very interested to find the parallels between her journey and mine, right down to the age at which she began to question. Questioning is a great failure in the eyes of the Christians I grew up with (and as), but in truth it is the beginning of the journey of discovery. I'll embed the video below, so you can see it if you are interested, though this is not the main point of my story.

As usual with Youtube videos, there were other related videos listed on the screen. I watched "Warning to Oprah Winfrey" by some new covenant pastor. He was all friendly and nice, but hard line of course. Then came the clanger - "New Age Oprah - World's Most Dangerous Woman". This video I didn't even watch all the way through, for it epitomizes the attitude and energy of the patriarchal, old and entrenched religious viewpoints, that whole feeling of hatred and antipathy towards anyone who does not follow their lead, their doctrine, their control. You can see this attitude in any hard-line church, not just Christian ones, but the underlying feeling is the same - do as we tell you or you will suffer, and if you are a woman, well, so much the worse for you. I will not link to this video here.

Several seconds into this video, I was on my knees on the floor howling in grief, for I could feel how they hate Oprah. These are the sorts of people who bomb abortion clinics and who torment pure souls in the name of God, who make sure that anyone who falls within their reach is severed from their connection with God as soon as possible, so that they are easy prey for their control.

I howled for Oprah, and for my desire for her to be safe. She is standing tall, doing what she can to bring the new energy to this world which so desperately is crying out for it. I want Oprah to be safe. I want her to bring her part of the new energy to those who need it.

If there is anything I can do to help her with this, I will! I pledge this now, with all my being and all the power and energy of who I AM.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Conscious Creatorship for Kids

Liliane Grace has written a novel for teens called The Mastery Club. I watched the YouTube video of her interview with the LifeTime program and was hooked at that point, not having read a word of the book yet. Here is the video, it's worth spending the few minutes to watch it, I promise.

After watching the interview I had to find out more about the book, so I downloaded the first four chapters and started to read. I had such a feeling of recognition as I was introduced to the girl Nina, who is the instigator of the Mastery Club. I wasn't like her as a child, there were too many decades of experience waiting for me before those parts of my character could blossom, but I know that girl! This brought up such emotion for me... Maybe you too will get that feeling when you read the book.

Here are some quotes about the book taken from The Mastery Club website:

"This prize-winning novel for adolescents is inspiring and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds."

"The Mastery Club inspires and empowers young people to take responsibility for creating the life of their dreams. It is the ONLY book that teaches universal laws and success principles (including practical tools like goal-setting, affirmations, visualisation and treasure mapping) in a page-turning novel."

"I only wish [The Mastery Club] had been on the reading list at my school; it would have changed my whole outlook and saved me from making some major mis-steps in life... I applaud you on your ability to get the message across to children in such a relevant and engaging way." - Denise Whitton

To find out more, click here or on the banner below:

Friday, June 6, 2008

The personal is the spiritual

I've been wrestling with this for months now. Most of my life I've had this feeling that it's somehow wrong to just do things purely for me, I should somehow be of service. Lately, however, I started to feel very differently. It became clear to me that being "spiritual" just meant giving out a lot and getting very little back. I turned my back on the "spiritual" and set out to make some money on the internet in purely capitalistic fashion... feeling damned rebellious and expecting the hand of God to grab me by the scruff of the neck and drag me kicking and screaming away from my hopes and dreams. (Yes, I know all that Freudian stuff about God and father figures... don't analyze me!) It was a hard time. I spent hours every day on the internet, working away at promoting my online affiliate businesses and learning, learning, learning. These were desperate times, as I knew my income was not covering expenses, and here I was putting all my energy into this unknown area. Sometimes there was no money for fuel for the car, we ate very cheap food, and I drove out into the bush every day to pick up sticks for the fire.

So what happened? Months and weeks later I'm still here. The online businesses are at last attracting some downline, and I've got support from an unexpected source which will keep me afloat while my businesses grow.

What did I learn? Mainly, that I am ok. My world did not fall apart, though we seemed to skate perilously close to the edge. I've lost weight, and lost my dependence on food as an emotional support. And I've found what a great feeling it is to pursue one's passion, despite everything...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Empowerment for women and comfort for men

This book is a hug from spirit for all women. It is warmth and nurturance for the under-mothered, and confirmation for all who feel that the current imbalance between masculine and feminine energies needs to be remedied.

According the the Grandmothers, the masculine or yang energy is exhausted. We (including the women) have tried to run the world with an excess of yang, and the current state of affairs is the result. Now it is up to women as the natural carriers of yin energy, with the aid of supportive men, to restore the yin/feminine energy again.

The Grandmothers promise that as the yin resumes its full power on the earth, there will be increased healing and balance brought to all situations, and benefit for all people, all animals, the entire planet.

This is something you can be a part of without even leaving your home, for consciousness connects us all in a net of light.

Come into your true power and beauty with the guidance of the Grandmothers.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What can one person do to change the world?

What can I do to change the world? It seems that so much terrible stuff is happening, with weather, the environment, and population growth. It is overwhelming if you feel a personal responsibility about it. It makes you feel bad about having a good life yourself when you are doing nothing to "help", though you may feel that any help you give will be lost in the endless ocean of need and misery.

There are two ways to help in this world. One is practical and visible, and involves aiding, assisting, training, donating... whatever it takes.

Another way is by inspiring consciousness. The things which happen in this world are mostly a result of someone's attitude and action. There is enough food in the world, but it doesn't get through to all those who need it... there is enough arable land... we don't really need to fight wars. All these problems are caused by human consciousness, and they can be resolved by human consciousness.

So, can the individual raise the consciousness of the whole? Perhaps not single-handedly, but together, all those who are choosing a more loving, more empowered way are adding their influence and vibration to the planetary mix. This has been going on for all of human history, but now we are at a point of massive change and quantum acceleration. Whatever we do has more impact than it ever would have before.

This world is becoming a better place. See the love expressed by nations, communities and individuals in the face of natural disasters. Don't just look at the pain and suffering, look at the learning and growth, and add your genuine good will and any other positive, forward-moving or expansive energy you can express. There is much power in this.

By inspiring consciousness, we can shape the future, but we must do it now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If it's my life, why am I doing what you want?

Can you remember back to when you were very young, and you had a strong feeling of what you liked, and disliked, and what you wanted? And do you remember what has happened since then? Somehow you've lost that clear feeling of your identity, you've accepted the thousands of inputs from family and friends, the media, and just human consciousness in general, all telling you that who you naturally are is just not good enough. So, you've given up on being yourself, and you are trying to be what you believe you should be. To some extent, you even believe that all these ideals which you have taken on, are yours. So you struggle on, feeling at odds with yourself, trying to do what you should do, and not even realizing that most of this is not what you really want at all.

What if you could clear away all that baggage, and simply function as your true self? Imagine just knowing what you want and going for it, without having to expend tremendous amounts of energy on doubting yourself, looking for confirmation from outside of yourself, feeling worried about what other people will say? How simple would life be then! How many of your dreams would you accomplish? Can you imagine the feeling?

Is this all a bit scary? Well, you don't have to do it all at once, in fact it's not even possible to do it instantaneously. Becoming your true self is a lifetime's work, and a very exciting and liberating journey. Are you willing to take your first step?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life is so exciting...

When I am expressing myself, doing what I choose to do, my life is great! It is exciting, rewarding. I get out of bed quickly in the morning on days like this, with so many ideas of what I want to do. I am full of confidence and energy... and the more I express, the more energy flows through me, until I am so full of it that I must keep active, or burst! What a feeling! Wow!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to fail...

There is no failure, for this life is a life of experience, and any achievement which we make along the way is part of that experience, but not the goal of it. The true achievement is in the experiencing. You cannot take your achievements with you when you pass from this life, but your experiences will be your great treasure. So, take a deep breath, feel your feelings, feel the wind or the sun on your face, for these are all part of your experience here on earth. Nothing is too small to be of value, nothing...

Why it is good to feel like crap at times...

Feeling like crap? Celebrate this, for it is your opportunity to create something new in your life!
What, you don't feel like you can create anything? Well guess what? It is this resignation which got you into this unpleasantness to begin with! So, what will you do now? Will you continue to allow life to do things to you, or will you grab hold of the steering wheel and chart your own course? It is always up to you!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

When you have done all you can, and it's still not enough...

When you have done all you can, and it is still not enough, what more can you do? When it is obvious that you have not reached your goal, that there are shortfalls to be made up, and yet you can do no more, it is time to stop doing. Your entire being is telling you that you have done enough, that it is time to take a rest and allow nature to take it's course. Is this scary? Of course it is, if you have been trained to expect the worst. Do you understand? This is a matter of how your mind has been trained. If you had lived a life in which you were nurtured and sustained, you would now be expecting help to arrive. Instead, here you are, expecting punishment and disaster. Silly you! You really should understand this by now! And of course, you are beginning to understand, simply because you have no other option (and also because you are willing to). So go and rest, and all will be well in the morning.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stop trying to be perfect!

Note to self from Self: you can never be perfect! Stop trying. Stop wearing yourself out with it. Know that you are already good enough, and that you have jewels of wisdom and beauty to share, which are not tainted by your "deficiencies". Don't you see that little human failings are only a byproduct of human living? These little human failings are the equivalent of laughter lines on your face, simply a reminder of what has been. They do not define you! So stop now, stop belittling yourself, and start to express your true value, your true wisdom, and your beauty, for in this expression you will grow beyond what you have been, and into your true potential. Do you see yet what this means? This is true liberation for your soul! Take to your wings, fly, soar, do cartwheels in the sky! Paint the sky with your colours! Be daring, be bold, but do not be perfect, for there is no use for perfection in this world, or the one to which you will one day move on.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love myself a little more each day

What is self love? In it's truest form, it is total and complete acceptance, trust, and an ongoing journey of exploration. It is a growing knowingness that you deserve, simply because you are. Is this hard to comprehend? It may be, if you are looking at yourself from a purely human standpoint, feeling that you need to exchange a lot of life energy in order to be worthy of the things you desire. However, try to see it from a broader perspective, perhaps from the perspective of your soul, which has been around for many lifetimes, and will continue on long after your current identity has passed on to the world of spirit. Your soul knows that you are on the Earth to experience, to learn on it's behalf so many things. It is through your experience that your soul, and eventually the entire cosmos, is enriched. You have forgotten that, and you believe with your mind that you are just a human, scrambling for survival. It is time to wake up, to see the full beauty and glory of human life here on earth. Take a deep breath, and feel for yourself the truth of this. Ahhhhh. Now you are beginning to remember, even as your mind may be disparaging the information. Your body knows, your heart knows, and when you breathe deeply, you allow your mind to disengage for a moment, to allow the knowing in other ways. The conscious breath connects you with the unknown.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The joy of life

Life is meant to be enjoyed. This may be hard to believe, but if you have trouble with the concept, ask yourself "Why?". Your first answer may be, that you can see from your experience that enjoyment is hard to come by, and often comes at the expense of other things. Dig deeper... and now you come upon the layer of expectations - those placed upon you by others, and by yourself, which are in direct conflict with your natural desire and direction. Can you see these things, and how they affect you? Are you still following the programming which you have received? Ask yourself now, "Why?". Your answer may be, that you never thought to do otherwise. It may be that you thought about it, but your inbuilt feelings of duty and obligation and guilt rose to the surface, and quickly herded you back to where you "belong". Is any of this sounding familiar? Now you can see the mechanisms in your mind which have kept joy to a minimum in your life. Do you want to do something about it? And most of all, do you have fear which stops you? Now we are getting to the real heart of the issue, and it is this: you want to be loved, approved of and accepted by others, and you will give away huge parts of yourself and your potential in order to receive this love, approval or acceptance, however fleetingly. Now we come to the point of choice and the point of balance in all this, which is self-love. Can you even read the words "self love" without wanting to withdraw, to distance yourself from the concept, to make sure that no one thinks you are even comtemplating such a thing? You can run back to the security of your duties and obligations right now, or you can choose to begin the journey towards self-love and wholeness, which will bring you increasing amounts of joy. Which do you choose?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time for a new beginning...

This blog has it's roots in my website, The New Energy Journey. I have so many trains of thought, and I want to be able to put them together coherently... it's too much for a website.

My new energy journey began consciously in May 2000, when I connected with the Crimson Circle. My history up to that point included self-liberation from the shackles of fundamentalist Christianity, and a journey through many aspects of the new-age movement. At each step I felt that I was heading in the right direction, but at no time did I feel that I had reached my destination. When I read my first article channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe from the entity Tobias, I knew that I had come home.

The journey since then has been one of true self-discovery, of learning trust in Self, letting go of victimhood, knowing more and more clearly that I AM the Creator of my life. This work, this process, has pushed me to the edge of my endurance more than once, but there is a rightness about it which keeps me going.

Now, as I take my eyes off my own journey, I find that we are on the verge of 2012, and the world is changing before our eyes. The veil between this world and other realities is thinning. Our planet is requiring our conscious participation in her care, and we are taking up the challenge. Women are being empowered as more of the feminine energy is allowed and expressed by males and females. New leaders are being chosen, and they are finding new solutions to old problems. This experience is the culmination of hundreds of thousands of years of human experience and history. We have collectively been through it all. What will we choose to create for ourselves now?