Sunday, May 18, 2008

Empowerment for women and comfort for men

This book is a hug from spirit for all women. It is warmth and nurturance for the under-mothered, and confirmation for all who feel that the current imbalance between masculine and feminine energies needs to be remedied.

According the the Grandmothers, the masculine or yang energy is exhausted. We (including the women) have tried to run the world with an excess of yang, and the current state of affairs is the result. Now it is up to women as the natural carriers of yin energy, with the aid of supportive men, to restore the yin/feminine energy again.

The Grandmothers promise that as the yin resumes its full power on the earth, there will be increased healing and balance brought to all situations, and benefit for all people, all animals, the entire planet.

This is something you can be a part of without even leaving your home, for consciousness connects us all in a net of light.

Come into your true power and beauty with the guidance of the Grandmothers.

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