Saturday, June 21, 2008

Conscious Creatorship for Kids

Liliane Grace has written a novel for teens called The Mastery Club. I watched the YouTube video of her interview with the LifeTime program and was hooked at that point, not having read a word of the book yet. Here is the video, it's worth spending the few minutes to watch it, I promise.

After watching the interview I had to find out more about the book, so I downloaded the first four chapters and started to read. I had such a feeling of recognition as I was introduced to the girl Nina, who is the instigator of the Mastery Club. I wasn't like her as a child, there were too many decades of experience waiting for me before those parts of my character could blossom, but I know that girl! This brought up such emotion for me... Maybe you too will get that feeling when you read the book.

Here are some quotes about the book taken from The Mastery Club website:

"This prize-winning novel for adolescents is inspiring and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds."

"The Mastery Club inspires and empowers young people to take responsibility for creating the life of their dreams. It is the ONLY book that teaches universal laws and success principles (including practical tools like goal-setting, affirmations, visualisation and treasure mapping) in a page-turning novel."

"I only wish [The Mastery Club] had been on the reading list at my school; it would have changed my whole outlook and saved me from making some major mis-steps in life... I applaud you on your ability to get the message across to children in such a relevant and engaging way." - Denise Whitton

To find out more, click here or on the banner below:

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Carla said...

Hello to a fellow Shaumbra!

I saw your blog on Carol Walzcak's site, which came up on Traffic Swarm. I do Internet marketing, too, and it's always such a pleasure to see another Shaumbra site pop up on the Web.

I love the idea of the Mastery Club for kids. I'll be sure to pass word of it along to anyone who could benefit from it.


Carla Chadwick