Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love myself a little more each day

What is self love? In it's truest form, it is total and complete acceptance, trust, and an ongoing journey of exploration. It is a growing knowingness that you deserve, simply because you are. Is this hard to comprehend? It may be, if you are looking at yourself from a purely human standpoint, feeling that you need to exchange a lot of life energy in order to be worthy of the things you desire. However, try to see it from a broader perspective, perhaps from the perspective of your soul, which has been around for many lifetimes, and will continue on long after your current identity has passed on to the world of spirit. Your soul knows that you are on the Earth to experience, to learn on it's behalf so many things. It is through your experience that your soul, and eventually the entire cosmos, is enriched. You have forgotten that, and you believe with your mind that you are just a human, scrambling for survival. It is time to wake up, to see the full beauty and glory of human life here on earth. Take a deep breath, and feel for yourself the truth of this. Ahhhhh. Now you are beginning to remember, even as your mind may be disparaging the information. Your body knows, your heart knows, and when you breathe deeply, you allow your mind to disengage for a moment, to allow the knowing in other ways. The conscious breath connects you with the unknown.

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