Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time for a new beginning...

This blog has it's roots in my website, The New Energy Journey. I have so many trains of thought, and I want to be able to put them together coherently... it's too much for a website.

My new energy journey began consciously in May 2000, when I connected with the Crimson Circle. My history up to that point included self-liberation from the shackles of fundamentalist Christianity, and a journey through many aspects of the new-age movement. At each step I felt that I was heading in the right direction, but at no time did I feel that I had reached my destination. When I read my first article channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe from the entity Tobias, I knew that I had come home.

The journey since then has been one of true self-discovery, of learning trust in Self, letting go of victimhood, knowing more and more clearly that I AM the Creator of my life. This work, this process, has pushed me to the edge of my endurance more than once, but there is a rightness about it which keeps me going.

Now, as I take my eyes off my own journey, I find that we are on the verge of 2012, and the world is changing before our eyes. The veil between this world and other realities is thinning. Our planet is requiring our conscious participation in her care, and we are taking up the challenge. Women are being empowered as more of the feminine energy is allowed and expressed by males and females. New leaders are being chosen, and they are finding new solutions to old problems. This experience is the culmination of hundreds of thousands of years of human experience and history. We have collectively been through it all. What will we choose to create for ourselves now?

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