Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stop trying to be perfect!

Note to self from Self: you can never be perfect! Stop trying. Stop wearing yourself out with it. Know that you are already good enough, and that you have jewels of wisdom and beauty to share, which are not tainted by your "deficiencies". Don't you see that little human failings are only a byproduct of human living? These little human failings are the equivalent of laughter lines on your face, simply a reminder of what has been. They do not define you! So stop now, stop belittling yourself, and start to express your true value, your true wisdom, and your beauty, for in this expression you will grow beyond what you have been, and into your true potential. Do you see yet what this means? This is true liberation for your soul! Take to your wings, fly, soar, do cartwheels in the sky! Paint the sky with your colours! Be daring, be bold, but do not be perfect, for there is no use for perfection in this world, or the one to which you will one day move on.


Chameleon said...

When i look at other people and think, how cute or funny, i'm looking at them with their imperfections. Those imperfections which make us authentic and a true expression of the Divine outbreath, or manifestation of the Divine. Authentic with your imperfections and perfectly acceptable.

CarolW44 said...

yes, authentic for sure!