Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If it's my life, why am I doing what you want?

Can you remember back to when you were very young, and you had a strong feeling of what you liked, and disliked, and what you wanted? And do you remember what has happened since then? Somehow you've lost that clear feeling of your identity, you've accepted the thousands of inputs from family and friends, the media, and just human consciousness in general, all telling you that who you naturally are is just not good enough. So, you've given up on being yourself, and you are trying to be what you believe you should be. To some extent, you even believe that all these ideals which you have taken on, are yours. So you struggle on, feeling at odds with yourself, trying to do what you should do, and not even realizing that most of this is not what you really want at all.

What if you could clear away all that baggage, and simply function as your true self? Imagine just knowing what you want and going for it, without having to expend tremendous amounts of energy on doubting yourself, looking for confirmation from outside of yourself, feeling worried about what other people will say? How simple would life be then! How many of your dreams would you accomplish? Can you imagine the feeling?

Is this all a bit scary? Well, you don't have to do it all at once, in fact it's not even possible to do it instantaneously. Becoming your true self is a lifetime's work, and a very exciting and liberating journey. Are you willing to take your first step?


Igriva Vila said...

Hello Carol!

I am really glad for your thoughts in this blog. There is so much wisdom in them. And I like your short style very much.

I ''found'' you on shaumbra forum and also bought your book Choose to live in Slovenian language which I found very fascinating also.

Keep the good work and choose well!

With Love and Laughter

from sLOVEnia!


Hilary said...

Hi Carol! Good to see you in the blogosphere. Love this post. I still find little ways I give my power away after all these years.

Beauty said...

I am glad to find you everywhere I look. love xxxxxxxxx

Chameleon said...

Hi Carol,
I think we already ARE our complete selves. The trying to re-invent ourselves is unnecessary as we've really been only hiding behind the facade for too long. I have developed alongside my facade-self into the person that i've always wanted to be. I just AM, right there already. I'd say you are there also, perhaps you haven't recognised yourself yet. When we are little we build a facade and play along as per the wishes of everyone else, deep down we are waiting for the right stage to present our real self. In the meantime, the real self is developing right alongside the facade and I've suddenly realised that i AM. Blessings to you.

Chameleon said...

Hi Carol,
I think we hide our real selves under a facade to keep ourselves to ourselves because we may feel that others mistreat us or don't appreciate us. I noticed with myself that i am real already. The real me as i would like to be is already there......but...i'm holding it back waiting for a better stage. Which personality is running the show? Are we still being dictated to by the past or is it time to be on stage and stop hiding in the shadows? It's not like i haven't developed via my interests and dreamings, i have. I already AM. Light to you.